Tamigo is market leader in online staff management

Online rosters create added value

We help our customers maximise revenue and minimise wage costs by managing the entire roster process – from entering the first shifts in the roster to the transmission of hours to the correct wage types in the payroll system.

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Manage your staff with Tamigo App

Tamigo App gives you all the options and features needed for your company's daily operations. All process-related matters can be managed from the app which soon becomes an essential tool. Approve or reject bids for shifts, shift exchanges or absence.

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Easy communication

In Tamigo, communication takes place automatically via sms and/or email. And you always have documentation that your employees are kept updated about the latest roster. This provides security for all roles in the company.

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The Tamigo HR functions enter into a dialogue with the employees on a daily basis

Shared documents

Involve your employees and put knowledge-sharing into practise by sharing documents, e.g staff development interviews and staff manuals, in Tamigo. You can easily create and save all the relevant documents you need per employee in Tamigo.

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Create an overview with competencies

Are the appropriate employees at work? In Tamigo you can easily assign competencies to employees and thus ensure that the people with the required competencies are at work when you need them. The competency overview is integrated in the roster.

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Effecient knowledge sharing

Tamigo provides the infrastructure for efficient knowledge-sharing within your company. Tamigo assures the management and HR that the employees always pass by the digital bulletin board with department information and that they can always access relevant documents in their personal Tamigo solution.

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Tamigo sums up the employees' wage hours correctly and exports them to your preferred payroll system – this ensures low, stable wage costs and safe validation

Correct wage export for payroll every time

Tamigo automatically controls every single wage export for missing or incorrect data. Thus, the company prevents incorrect payments, unstable wage costs and demotivated and unhappy employees.

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Safe validation of wage hours

Tamigo automatically creates higher wage hour validity, as the employees can continuously see their hours and have any errors corrected by their superior before the payroll process is activated. The payroll department always has an all-round overview of all wage hours for all involved parties.

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Save time and money

Tamigo Touch is intelligent registration of hours with a digital time clock. Companies that use Tamigo Touch often find that they save on wage costs because the employees are paid for the actual working hours – no more, no less.

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Tamigo collects the entire financial value chain in a single, user-friendly system

Keep track of operations

Get an accurate impression of the stores' performance and daily operations individually and as a whole via direct access to reports on e.g. productivity, budgets, wage percentages, expected revenue or staffing vs. customer figures.

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Easy and transparent benchmarking

As one of only a few suppliers of online staff management systems in the market, Tamigo offers unrestricted access to information in the entire organisation. This means that management can easily gain insight into the staffing situation and wage costs at the individual store as well as across all or a group of stores.

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Look into the future

You can see if your shift plans exceed your budget and find out whether you keep within the desired wage percentage. The financial reports provide an overview and therefore also make it possible to make proactive decisions to influence business and improve the bottom line.

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Get to know how we can help your company:

"In retail, it can go really wrong if you are not in control of your labor costs, and here it is very important that Tamigo show me what the roster cost today, tomorrow and in a month."

7-Eleven Franchisee, Rasmus Borre

"Tamigo is indispensible for Baresso as the people responsible at the individual coffee shops can make precise rotas, and keep track of labour costs and sales per hour for weeks ahead."

Head of administration at Baresso, Inger Luciani
Baresso coffe

"Before Tamigo we used a calendar and a spreadsheet for planning and I know that I cannot work without the Tamigo roster."

Retailer, Allan Hansson

”Shopkeepers don't have the time to read lengthy manuals. One of the key advantages of Tamigo is that new shopkeepers only need three hours' training.”

Svend Halse Petersen, HR manager
REMA 1000

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